RD39 Collaboration Meeting November 2009, CERN, Switzerland

CID test beam results 2009 J. Härkönen


RD39 Collaboration Meeting June 2009, Freiburg, Germany

CID test beam results update and outlook for 2009 J. Härkönen


Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics --11th Pisa meeting on advanced detectors, 24-30 May 2009, La Biodola, Isola d'Elba, Italy

Modeling, simulation and data fitting of the new charge-injected -diodes (CID) for SLHC tracking applications Z. Li


4th "Trento" Workshop on Advanced Silicon Radiation Detectors (3D and P-type Technologies) FBK–irst, Trento, Italy February 17-19, 2009

CERN RD39 Collaboration development of Charge Injected Detector (CID) J. Härkönen


CMS Upgade Workshop, FNAL, 19-21 November, 2008

Lates results of RD50, SiBT and RD39 Collaborations P. Luukka


RD39 Collaboration Meeting June 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Recent measurements on CID detectors with Cryogenic TCT setup J. Härkönen

Gathering of the instrumentation for in-situ lifetime measurements J. Vaitkus

CCE measurements on heavily irradiated strip detectors under forward bias I. Mandic


RD39 Collaboration Meeting November 2007, CERN, Switzerland

Development of the instrumentation for in-situ lifetime testing J. Vaitkus

CCE measurements for 9 MeV and 24 GeV/c irradiated Current Injected Detectors (CID) J. Härkönen

Silicon beam telescope for CMS SLHC detector studies (SiBT) P. Luukka

Deconvolutionof TCT measurement data P. Pusa

Introduction to the planar "sensitive edge" detector physics V. Eremin

Cooling for SLHC Silicon trackers W. de Boer


RD39 Collaboration Meeting June 2007, Vilnius, Lithuania

Instrumentation for in-situ lifetime testing E. Gaubas

CERN RD39 Activities @ Helsinki E. Tuominen

Status report of Department of Physical Sciences Accelerator Laboratory J. Räisänen

Status and recent results of RD39 Cryogenic TCT (C-TCT) project J. Härkönen


RD39 Collaboration Meeting October 2006, CERN, Switzerland:

Activities in fabrication of the instrument for in-situ and post-irradiative material control and recent investigations of the carrier transit and recombination characteristics E. Gaubas

Low temperature TCT characterization of heavily proton irradiated p-type Magnetic Czochralski detectors J. Härkönen

Measurements of Lorentz angle in irradiated silicon strip sensors M. Krause

Current Injected Detectors (CID) at SLHC program V. Eremin


RD39 Collaboration Meeting June 2006, Prague, Czech Republic:

PTI results on CCE measurements for Current injected detectors V. Eremin

Department of Physical Sciences, Accelerator Laboratory J. Räisänen

Design of the in situ carrier lifetime control experiments E. Gaubas

Results of Current Injected Detector (CID) measurements at the Accelerator Laboratory University of Helsinki J. Härkönen

Status of Liquid Helium TCT (LHe-TCT) Setup J. Härkönen

Tests on plasma cut edgeless sensors X. Rouby


RD39 Collaboration Meeting November 2005, CERN, Switzerland:

Initial data on the DRIVE approach: results and analysis Z. Li

Modeling of charge collection efficiency in CID V. Eremin

Low-temperature operation of edge-sensitive silicon microstrip detectors O. Militaru

Charge Collection of heavily irradiated pad detectors in temperature range from -180°C to -30°C M. Batic


RD39 Collaboration Meeting June 2005, Helsinki, Finland:

A new beamlineat UH Accelerator Laboratory for ion irradiation studies at the low temperatures

Recent results on low-temperature edgeless module

Oxford Plasmalab System 100 ICP ICP-RIE


RD39 Collaboration Meeting February 2004, CERN, Switzerland:

CCE of heavily irradiated Si diode I. Mandic


CERN EP Seminar, 29th November, 2004:



10th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation, Vienna, Austria, February 16-21, 2004:

Recent Results of CERN RD39 Collaboration on Super-radiation Hard Cryogenic Si Detectors for LHC and LHC Upgrade J. Härkönen